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X2 Resorts


“CrossTo (X2)” is an international lifestyle brand, that has a range of design and lifestyle related business covering hotels, resorts, villas, branded residences, cruises, spas, yachts, planes and cars. The brand is built on the concept of accessible luxury, with an emphasis on Design, Style, and Simplicity.

Redefining luxury, CrossTo provides clients the opportunity to “CrossTo (X2)” a new concept of luxury …one by design.

Unpretentious & Understated, the X2 brand is down to earth and real … just like its customers.

X2 properties have a very unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all elements of the venue. Whether it be design, service, location …X2 properties will always exhibit:

–Soulful …tranquillity; that provides sensual pleasures and thoughtfulness
–Freedom …of space, process and rules; allowing guests to set their own agenda
–Simplicity …in form and service; completely understated and unfussed.

All X2 properties are designed and built with a primary goal that they must “satisfy the spirit”. This is partly achieved via architectural design, but more importantly through natural beauty of the location and the meshing of the structures with the canvas provided by nature. To achieve this goal, the design of resorts are underpinned by several important X2 characteristics:

  • Simplicity in style
  • Invisibility of design
  • Privacy without isolation
  • Natural articulation of structures
  • Homogeneous execution with the environment