BHMAsia Service - Consulting & Feasibility


Before launching into any hospitality project, it is critical to formulate a solid business plan. Ultimately this will be a requirement for any financing that may be required, so it is important to invest enough time and money in feasibility work to ensure the final direction taken can deliver the end goal.

At BHMAsia our feasibility studies go way beyond the normal levels, looking at every possible alternative, both traditional and non-traditional. Due to the competitive nature of the hotel industry it is necessary to be able to develop a business plan that does not follow traditional methods, a plan that can be out of the box, and look at a mixture of possible scenarios and solutions. This lateral thinking is a hallmark of BHMAsia, where often non-conventional solutions yield the best results.

Personal Advice

Often our clients have a desire or personal ambition to own a hotel and resort but don’t know where to start. At BHMAsia we have personal experience of exactly this scenario and thus welcome the opportunity to talk with owners about their dreams and needs.

Our personal experiences and thoughts will act as the perfect sounding board for would-be owners. We have found that talking through ideas and options quickly helps our clients formulate a course of action while identifying the next steps they need to take to realise their dreams.